Klaipeda Old Town. See the best of Klaipeda’s old town with its “Fachwerk” and neogothic buildings.

Palanga, Amber museum (distance from Klaipeda - 25 km). Drive out to visit famous Amber Museum at Palanga and learn about Baltic gold. More: http://www.pgm.lt

Curonian Spit (distance from Klaipeda : Juodkrante with “Hill of Withches” 18 km, Nida with Great Dune 50 km) . Cross by ferry to the Curonian Spit to discover the “Hill of Witches”, the old fishermen’s cottages at Nida and the Great Dune, with its magnificent panoramic view. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Maritime Museum and Dolphinarium where you may observe live dolphin show (more: http://www.pgm.lt)

Curonian Spit is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Its charming resorts, untouched dunes, white sand beaches and pine forests will leave you breathless and make for unforgettable impressions. “It is so unique that, like Italy or Spain, it is necessary to be seen if one wants to delight one’s soul with wonderful scenery”, wrote famous German scientist Humbold at the end 20th century. Here also you will discover Hill of Withes, with an ensemble of witches, devils and fairy-tale monsters, all carved from wood. Talk to the witch into whose ear whispered wishes are said to come true and sit on the bench, which is said to cure illness.

Ventes Ragas, Bird Ringing Station. Visit the country side of western Lithuania, famous for numerous white storks. At Ventes Ragas, tour the Bird Ringing Station which functions since 1939. Each season, several thousand birds are tagged to make easier to observe them.

Japan Garden. The valley of Singing Stones “Madzuchai” is the largest Japanese garden project in Europe, with picturesque ponds connected by natural water spring sources and cascades, waterfalls and bridges; pedestrian pavements in stone, original shades, benches for rest and stone lanterns. More: http://www.japangarden.lt

Museums in Klaipėda: http://www.klaipedainfo.lt/en/index.php?page=6&sub=16

Excursions (free): Klaipėda Old Town, Klaipeda University botanic garden, Vessel – Lab „Mintis“, Ethnographic Puppet Museum in Klaipeda University

Concerts in Klaipėda during conference days:
06, May, 2016. Musical „Boni ir Klaidas”http://renginiai.kasvyksta.lt/23882/premjera-miuziklas-boni-ir-klaidas

07, May, 2016. Opera „Karmen“ http://renginiai.kasvyksta.lt/14598/opera-karmen-1