In the year 2018, a main conference theme is “Wellbeing Society”.

In addition to the main conference theme, we invite submissions to the following tracks:

Track 1. Innovations and investments for economic competitiveness and social capital development with subtopics on: determinants of innovation capacity and competitiveness, innovations and challenges for employment, innovations in knowledge and talents management, investments for enhancing competitiveness and wellbeing, social capital and prosperity.

Track 2. Ecological sustainability and social development with subtopics on: social-ecological resilience, water security, green strategies and resource dependency, human development, social policy effectiveness, social innovations for wellbeing, human capital management aiming at social and economic development.

Track 3. Labour market and migration in the light of new challenges with subtopics on: migration; ageing; poverty; social conflicts; the role of citizen in the European Union.

Track 4. Justice and dimensions of trust and security with subtopics on: social and economic security; social responsibility; community engagement; issues of security and government legitimacy; shift in government regulations.

Track 5: Key issues of Business and Management with subtopics on: human resource management; shift in leadership and entrepreneurship; inter-organizational relations; inter-sectorial interactions; business networks; innovations and creativity in business process; family business; process and performance management; small and medium-sized business drivers.

Track 6: Non-metropolitan and non-urban economy with subtopics on: viable non-metropolitan economies; employment in the regions; rural development; ecological and heritage tourism; sports, leisure, wellness services.

Track 7: Business and society in Smart era with subtopics on: smart government; smart cities; smart innovations; smart energy; e-health; smart education; public and non-profit marketing; business marketing innovations.